Intuition V Reason: the eternal conflict

Is it time to get off the fence?

Deciding one way or another can be especially challenging at times, and even harder for some of us than others. All too often, the easy option is to sit on the fence, and avoid making a decision altogether.   Which can lead to a whole lot of anxiousness, And a...
Intuition V Reason: the eternal conflict

4 Ways to Make Decisions Easier

“I can’t decide” “What to do” “Which way is best” “I don’t know which way to go now” Is this you? I am sure it is, or it has been at one point. All of us, at some stage or other, struggle with decision-making. Some of us are better at it than others. There are so many...
Intuition V Reason: the eternal conflict

10 Reasons to Hire a Coach

1. Set better goals: You learn how to set bigger, better goals for yourself.  A coach will teach you how to set better goals now, and how to do it for yourself in the future. 2. Goals are accomplished quicker: By learning how to set better goals, and being accountable...

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