1. Set better goals: You learn how to set bigger, better goals for yourself.  A coach will teach you how to set better goals now, and how to do it for yourself in the future.

2. Goals are accomplished quicker: By learning how to set better goals, and being accountable to your coach, you accomplish your goals quicker. The accountability concept adds massive weight to the amount of effort you put into achieving your desired goals and you get there much quicker.

3. Motivation increases: You’ve got great goals now, and your drive and enthusiasm to achieve them is increased. You have a space where you place focused attention on your goals. It’s a space where you can expand your potential and creativity more than you would in your everyday world, and you are inspired to use the learning outside of the coaching space.

4. Increased awareness: The coaching space provides opportunity to access your awareness of where you are now. Thought patters, limiting views of the world and blind-spots are identified. You consider new perspectives and move beyond limiting thought patterns.photo-42

5. Up-level your career/business/life: Through coaching, you identify where you want to take your career, business or life and design a plan of action for how to get there.  You have a map, a plan and a coach to support you.

6. Improved relationships: Through coaching you learn new skills for listening and empathy, which facilitate better relationships with peers, colleagues and friends.

7. Increased confidence: By setting goals that you start to see yourself realizing, your confidence increases naturally. In addition, your focus on your self-awareness, expanding your mindset and learning new thought patterns results in increased confidence.

8. Balance: The burning question for so many of us is how to achieve balance between our personal and professional lives. It’s different for all of us. The coaching space naturally supports this, helping you make choices that support the level of balance you desire.

9. Get yourself ‘unstuck’: All of us feel stuck at times in our life, where we are drifting, frustrated, or just static. The coaching space creates a safe space for exploration, creative problem solving, insight, clarity and growth. Roadblocks are dissolved and you move forward.

10. Results ARE delivered: You set great goals, you are accountable for them, you have increased motivation, you focus your attention, you are inspired to take action, your awareness is expanded, it’s inevitable… results follow.