I like the science. I want to know the facts. Give me the statistics and I’m more at ease. As a girl who considers logic and reason essential for decisions, this niggling ‘intuition’ issue has always been a source of conflict for me. The stats, the figures, the science, the logic… they all make sense to me. I understand.

What is this niggling feeling in my gut, this intuition thing, what is it trying to say, why is it saying it? I don’t understand.

Yet, why is it, when I feel that gut feeling and ignore it, overriding it for the logical choice, and it doesn’t work out, that I remember that niggling doubt I had before I chose. I recall the little alarm bell that started to ring to tell me “No. Stop. Somethings not right here.”

I learned the hard way. Trust your intuition, girl. It doesn’t stand to reason, but somehow it’s right.

Image courtesy of Master isolated images / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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Image courtesy of Master isolated images / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

And, I learned this through the everyday choices:

  • tea or coffee
  • make the call or not
  • stay in or go out

And professional choices:

  • candidate A or candidate B
  • joint venture partner or not
  • acquire company X or not


When I didn’t listen to my intuition, something was always never quite right. And sometimes just didn’t work at all.

I don’t have stats, or science, or logic or reason to understand why intuition is important. What I do have though, is my own evidence; my own trial and error results. So I know, when my intuition speaks up, I somehow have to listen, despite my rational self’s objections.


What’s been your experience with your intuition?

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