Ever noticed how some advertisements really strike a chord with you? Their slogan really stands out, and you remember it. Well, I pinched one of those slogans and apply it to my own life! And, I use it regularly with clients to boot! I can be one for procrastinating, as are so many of us. I spend my time busying myself preparing, organising, making sure I am ready… and sometimes I need a bit of a push to just go do it. In fact, it was my own personal coach (yes, we coaches have coaches too!) who fist said to me “Just do it”. And she was right! As was Nike, when they used this slogan in their advertising. Big thanks Nike, and my coach! You helped me cut through the procrastination and JUST DO IT! 

What’s your personal slogan? Don’t have one yet – then go get one! (Hint: a great place to start is the sports advertisements, they’ve got some good stuff) When you get one, post it below! I love to hear your comments. 


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