This post is for you if you are in, or have ever been in, stuck in a rut. Or a funk! Or hit a wall!

You temporarily feel like you’ve lost your sparkle, your drive or your ambition.

This post will help you get back on track! These are some of my best suggestions to extract yourself from the funk and firmly set yourself back on target to making things happen for YOU.


1. Clear the decks: When I feel like I have hit a wall, and I am not moving forward any more, no matter how hard I try, one of the first things I do is clear the decks. I set about clearing out all the clutter, the paperwork, the admin that builds up and get my desk and workspace looking crisp, fresh and clean. Doing that one thing alone lifts my spirits and makes the weight of being ‘stuck’ feel so much lighter.

2. Check the body basics: If you have a car, you know you have to take good care of it, keep it fuelled, oiled, watered and serviced regularly. Otherwise, it tends not to run as well as it should, and eventually break down. Your body is the same. It’s your mode of transport here. Just like your car you need to make sure you keep it fuelled with good food, hydrated with enough water, well oiled with regular exercise and serviced regularly with some self-care.


3. Get yourself a cheerleader(s): I’ve two suggestions for you here, and they WILL help you shift out of that funk far quicker than doing it alone. I use both, but one might be enough for you.  Firstly, get yourself an accountability partner. Preferably someone who is on a similar path to you and can support, understand, motivate, kick your butt as necessary 🙂 And of course, you do the same for them. I’ve worked with mine for about 18months now, and it’s been a blessing in times when I’ve felt stuck. Secondly, join a mastermind group. Find a group of like-minded people who are doing something similar to you and can challenge, support, encourage and inspire you regularly. Doing new things with your mastermind group behind you makes it a whole lot easier. Some members may have already been there and can guide you through the process, so you can potentially avoid some of the same pitfalls. The combination of minds on a similar (but not the same) journey really expands the potential of what you can achieve, and quicker.


4. Do something completely different: Take a time out. Get away from whatever it is you are stuck on for a while and completely shut it out. These are very often the moments when you become inspired again – when your mind is focussed on something completely different.


5. Get goal setting: Revisit or begin afresh with your goals. Circumstances and priorities may have totally changed since the last time you set them. So start again with a fresh, blank page and get creative. If you don’t know where to start, try the free video training I’ve done for you here.


6. Learn how to switch on AND off: This one is ESSENTIAL.  A non-negotiable skill really. If you haven’t mastered it yet, then do it now. ‘Off’ time is just as important as ‘on’ time. Make sure you have clearly defined parameters around what is ‘work time’ and what is ‘me time’. And by the way, that includes any work related email, internet or social media!


And go slow, one-step at a time 🙂

If you’ve tried any of these, please share your experience in the comments below… or if you have another suggestion to add, let me know in the comments too. I love hearing from you.


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