I’ve been pondering ‘creativity’ of late. What does it mean, exactly? If you were to ask me, do I consider myself ‘creative’, I would answer with a wholehearted and honest ‘No’. I don’t consider myself creative. To me, the creative types are those who are good with paint, sewing, pottery, jewellery etc. You know, the arts ‘n’ craftsy types.

creativityAnd that’s not me!

I am useless with a paintbrush, a pencil or a needle and thread. I just about manage to craft a few things in the kitchen for dinner (as much as I love trying).


Recently, I’ve been doing a bit of research into the whole ‘creativity’ concept as part my teaching work, and my perception of the word is starting to change. A lot.

When it comes to solving problems, generating new ideas or brainstorming strategies and concepts, I am in my element. It’s one of my key strengths and I am happiest here. Hashing it out, getting it clear, bouncing ideas around, generating resolutions and making decisions are all creative strengths.

In fact, this type of creativity is in demand. According to the IBM Global CEO survey in 2010, creativity is the most important leadership trait for the future! Innovation and creativity are what will separate successful organisations from the rest of the pack. And it’s not just limited to one department, creativity is key for all departments, organisation wide. There is a place for creativity at every level, because problem solving, innovation, brainstorming and planning occur at all levels.

So next time I’m asked if I am creative, I’m going to answer ‘Yes”. And know it to be true.

What about you? Where do your creative strengths lie? Is it in arts and crafts? Or perhaps somewhere else? Let me know in the comments below. I want to hear about your particular brand of creativity.