Who inspires you in your business or your career? I’m thinking your professional life here, and not so much the personal life role models.

Two years ago if you had asked me that question, the response would have been poles apart from the one today. Business inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, and while the big guys  inspire us hugely, very often there’s an equally inspirational source closer to home. I’m sharing two today; one from the big league, and one who’s without doubt up and coming.

Who's your source of biz inspiration

Marie Forleo

What can I say, she taught me the nuts and bolts of getting a business online and making it work. Sure, there have been plenty of influencers and teachers along the way, but when it came to the practicalities of finally making it happen, training with Marie was a game-changer. I still refer back to and tap into the resources and materials she supplied, and continues to supply regularly.


Jo Ebisujima

I met Jo when I lived in Tokyo and I have the pleasure of working with her still through my mastermind group. Jo’s been blogging for years, and is no stranger to the online world. However, around the same time as me, two years ago, Jo had an idea and a plan to up-level her business. I’ve watched Jo use her superpowers to devise, create and implement new initiatives in the space of time it would take most of us just to make a decision! Her products and programs are creative, impeccably delivered and with a generous helping of Jo’s fun-loving sense of humour. Each new challenge is faced and conquered by Jo and inspires me so each time.


What about you? Who inspires you currently in your career or business?