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Stop Chasing Success

By Joanna on April 14, 2016

I recently read this quote:

“Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it, and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it”

-Victor E Frankl

For some reason, in that moment, it struck me as quite true. 

I meet so many clients striving, pushing, chasing success. And, let’s be honest here, that’s me too. Or at least it was until more recent times- but you know all about that now. (see this post)

Blog_0414Look at those words though – ‘pushing’ ‘striving’ ‘chasing’

How do they make you feel?

They’re the kind of words that make success sound extremely difficult, a helluva lot of hard work, and elusive.

That’s not really how you want to feel when you’re building your career, building your business, building your life.

So often, we are so busy striving for success, that we don’t even realize it when we are there. That picture of success you’ve been working towards is your reality and you don’t even know it because you are so busy pushing, chasing, striving and aiming at success.

What if instead of chasing success constantly, we started enjoying the journey. What if we focus on being the best version of ourselves in our career, our business, our life… success will follow.

How could it not? You’re being a first rate ‘you’. You’re doing great work. You’re enjoying the process. Your moment is inevitable.

Maybe success will chase you!

Here are a few tips from my recent experience to help you change this:

  1.     Do something every day, no matter how small, that’s moving you in the right direction.
  2.     Stop worrying. It’s a pointless waste of energy that doesn’t make you feel good
  3.     Let go a little, don’t hold on so tightly
  4.     When your moment comes, be ready to shine. Be ready to stop and notice it, and enjoy it.
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Fatigue made me disengage

By Joanna on March 22, 2016

It’s been a while – I know! You’ve been feeling neglected – I know! I’m sorry… But, I’m back now!

It’s been a rollercoaster few months. Some great things, a busy client load, some great new contracts and a couple of health hiccups (all sorted now!)

To say that I am busy, is an understatement. And. I. Love. It. The way things are set up right now, I get to do all the things I love, that keep me motivated and enthusiastic for more. How cool is that!

Office deskBut I’ll be honest, I did get a little bit… no a lot… fatigued with the being in business online thing, and ALL the things you have to do to fill your sales funnel. The constant search for new formulas, designing and implementing launches, feeling like you’re missing out if you’re not up on the current social media/product launch/make a million strategy! It all got a bit much.

So I stopped. Just for a while.

And you know what… it didn’t all fall apart. The effort that I put in on and offline into networking and promoting my business paid off enough for me to take that much needed time out.

And now, I am ready to re-engage with renewed enthusiasm. And in a different way.

No more FOMO (Fear of Missing Out, in case your wondering)

I’m decluttering my business processes so to speak, and cutting it right back to the essentials… the things I truly need to do and enjoy doing only.

My Mastermind membership has been renewed, and my accountability partner re-instated!

Plus I’ve hired a VA, to help me do some of the things I just don’t like (or have the time) to be doing.

Reconnecting with you guys is top of the list.

Plus, a few new webinar ideas.

And, of course, you will get the odd promotion J (A girl’s gotta make a living!)

I do love my social media, but Instagram and Facebook are the only ones I find fun these days (Bye-bye Twitter) So follow me over there for more insight into life and business chez Joanna.



I encourage you to do the same. Take a look around you. What can you declutter from your business, your life, your career? Is there anything you are doing that you could either remove completely, or delegate to others. So you can do more of what you’re best at?



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Step Away From The To Do List

By Joanna on July 6, 2015

Not my usual advice, is it! Normally, I’m telling you to set big goals, break them down into actionable steps, write those steps down and start taking action. One thing every day.


Recently, with the wedding fast approaching, a busy client load, and many assignments to grade – not to mention the energetic toddler – I have been experience overwhelm on a new level.


Oh yeah. It’s big.Step away from the to do list


And the To Do List is… well… LONG!


And I’ve been religiously following my own system. Breaking it down, taking action, every day.


But sometimes, that’s just not working. It’s not enough to keep taking steps, crossing things off the list, keeping going. Sometimes, you’ve been going so long with so many balls in the air, that the overwhelm takes over, no matter how hard you fight it. Instead of being in flow, things are frustrated.


At times like these, the only thing to do is:


Step away from that To Do list


Take a break. A long break. And find a change of scenery. And a change of tempo. Do something completely different for a few hours, or even a few days if you need it. Forget about the big goals and the tasks to be completed and let go. Allow yourself be completely immersed in whatever it is, so that no thoughts of your ‘list’ can creep in.


Your energy and creativity levels will thank you for it.


Which is just what I did this weekend. Yesterday was a total time out from all things work and wedding related. And today, I feel all the better for it. Ready for wedding preparations, clients and papers. Ready for flow and ease as I power through my list.


Pause for a moment and think about what you can do to give yourself a time out from the To Do list this week?


Hope you have a productive week!

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The Truth About Being Your Own Boss

By Joanna on June 9, 2015

It’s the dream, isn’t it. Working for yourself, setting your own hours, doing what you love, making your dreams come true.


Sounds great, doesn’t it.


Well, it is.




It’s also quite a challenge. Let’s get real here, and be honest. Let me tell you a few of my truths about being in business.

THE Truth about being your own boss

  1. You make mistakes, lots of them. Sometimes you fail miserably. That’s just a fact. It happens. It happened to me, it will happen to you, and its happened to probably every entrepreneur our there at some stage. It’s how we learn. Its all about trial and error in this game. And, when you play big, you sometimes lose big. C’est la vie.


  1. You get to work your own hours – Great! You would think! But it doesn’t work like that. Very often you work long hours, longer than you did when you had a job and a boss. You start early and finish late, squeezing in the extra minutes here and there in-between school runs, nap-time, dinner time etc…


  1. You take on all the roles in your very own organization. You are the accountant, the marketer, the receptionist, the customer care coordinator, the database administrator, the IT specialist and the service provider. You are all things. And you have to figure it out yourself. It’s a lot. And it takes time. Time you would much rather spend working with clients.


  1. You are only accountable to yourself. There’s no boss to report to, and make sure you’re on track – great, I hear you say. Yes, that’s true. But on the other hand keeping yourself to your own deadlines and schedules without wandering off on tangents or getting sidetracked can be quite difficult. Making sure you hit deadlines on time, stay focused and finish projects is harder than you’d thing when there is just you to report to.


  1. The Gremlin gets louder and sometimes he wins. That little guy who who whispers little snippets of self-doubt gets louder. There’s only you to fend him off, and when you’re on your own, with self-imposed schedules and deadlines, he has the potential to get a lot more air time than you would like. Mastering mindset and learning to control those thoughts are crucial on this journey.


  1. Your planning skills go into overdrive. They have to. Otherwise, things would never be finished. You end up with lots of ideas and plenty of plans, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to do them all. So you have to be fairly cut-throat and cherry pick the best ones, and make them happen. See them through to completion. And for that, you need to plan expertly. Because you are your own boss, you need to manage your time effectively so that you are working on new ideas, finishing projects in progress, doing the work with clients, and filling up your sales funnel for the foreseeable future. The only way, is to plan and schedule with expert efficiency.


  1. It can be lonely. If you’re not careful, this one can creep up on you unexpectedly. You can be so busy working on your business that you forget that relationships and building connections are essential too – not just for your business but for your mental health too. Loneliness can settle in suddenly, so make sure you raise your head every now and check that you’ve this one covered.



On the plus side however,


You are your own boss- and you can make that work for you


  1. Mistakes accelerate your progress. If you can figure out how to pick yourself up and move on quickly, taking the learning with you, then you are on to a winner. Learning from the experience of others is essential also.


  1. You get to work your own hours. By implementing some serious scheduling and time-keeping skills, you can find a balance between work, family and fun. It’s tough, and you need to have some stiff boundaries in place, but it is doable.


  1. You learn HEAPS. The learning curve is massive. Sure, mistakes will happen, and not everything will go to plan, but there is huge learning to be gained from that, and fast!


  1. Your network expands. If you invest some time and energy in building relationships and networks, whole new worlds of people and possibilities open up for you.


  1. You get to do everything yourself. Believe it or not, while this has been one of the most challenging parts of entrepreneurship, it’s also been the most interesting. You get real hands on experience of how to operate all aspects of your business. That makes gives you a hell of a lot more control when you start earning enough to delegate things to an assistant.


  1. You’re forced to master your mindset, and silence the gremlin. In order to be successful, you MUST figure out how to silence that voice in your head that whispers doubts in your ear. Success is in a large part down to mindset. Being good at what you do is not enough to see you through the challenges of entrepreneurship. Your commitment and ability is tested regularly. A success mindset is what keeps you on course.


What have been some of your biggest challenges to date?

How have you learned to deal with them?

If you want to learn how I’ve worked through these challenges, and set up effective business marketing, efficent business systems and excellent mindset skills, then come join me for the next round of Build and Thrive Academy’s “From Headache to Harmony” {CLICK} to find out more

AND, on Friday 12th June I will be showing you a few of my favourite mindset mastery exercises in a FREE webinar. {CLICK} to register.

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Success Sessions: Coffee with Anastasia Hendryanto

By Joanna on May 29, 2015

Hi Anastasia! Thanks for joining us on the Success Sessions Series. 

Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

I live in Calgary, Canada and I’m a mom to a sweet 2 year old boy who loves to eat and share food with others. I’ve always love food and dreamed of being a pastry chef until learned about nutrition and became a fitness nut.


I’m a Holistic Nutritionist that helps moms get healthy meals on the table without spending all day in the kitchen. We are all busy but we need nutritious food to fuel ourselves and our families. I believe that healthy moms create health families.


I offer on-line nutrition programs that teach moms about delicious nutrient dense food and how to get organized in the kitchen. Feeding a family doesn’t need to be overwhelming.


What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always been interested in the link between food and health. I also discovered that I enjoy working independently and felt very stifled working for an organization. I just knew that in order to have the freedom to create on my own time schedule that I had to start my own business. I was tired of being frustrated and held back due to corporate structures and procedures.


How would you describe your journey and how has having your own business changed things for you?

I became more serious about being an entrepreneur after I had my son. I knew that I wanted to spend lots of time with but that I also needed to fill my desire to be creative and contribute financially to my family. I discovered quickly that I wasn’t cut out to be a full-time SAHM. Having my own business has allowed me to have a flexible schedule so I can still take of my son and really enjoy him when he is little. Health and relationships are my top priorities and my current lifestyle allows me to keep them front and centre.


What has been your biggest success so far?

I’ve been able to create on-line group programs that allow me to reach so many more moms. I used to only work one-on-one and in person with clients so I was always driving around and feeling drained.


Would you share with us the biggest lesson you learned?

You really need to value your time and be smart about the services you offer and the rates you charge. It’s great to be passionate about what you are doing but are you profitable? You are going to make lots of sacrifices as an entrepreneur so you need to make sure they are worth it and align with your values.


What keeps you motivated and engaged with your business?

Investing in business coaching and joining mastermind groups has made all the difference for me. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I always feel renewed and excited after brainstorming and discussing business strategies with like minded individuals. I also think of my son and how I want him to see me loving what I do being successful. I want to be the healthiest role-model possible.


What one piece of advice would you give other small business owners and start-ups?

Business growth is often slower than you expect. You need to be patient and keep an eye on the big picture. Oh, ask for help. Trying to do it all yourself will really slow down your business growth. You need to always be investing in yourself and your business.


What’s next for you and your business?

I’m working on a new program that will complement the 21 Day Real Food Reset program that I offer currently. I’m still in the brain storming stage but lately I’ve been super passionate about the power of meal planning to relieve stress for moms. I’ve created a system for my family and I’m thinking about how I can create a program out of it.


Anastasia Hendryanto is a Holistic Nutritionist at A Healthy Journey who believes in eating real food and keeping things simple. She helps health conscious moms feed their families healthy food without getting overwhelmed in the kitchen through on-line group programs. When she is not experimenting in her kitchen or blogging you will find her at CrossFit or being active outside with her family.

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What are you selling next?

By Joanna on May 13, 2015

My coach asked me this question recently. And it shocked me how powerful it was.


In coaching, there are powerful questions. They’re the type of questions that bring clarity to a situation or incite creativity. They’re the questions that bring about Eureka moments and inspire action.


How funny that this simple question did just that for me!


I’ll be honest here, sales is not my forte. I am a great coach, a great planner, organizer and action taker. I can motivate others to action – including sales. But for me, it’s a block I’ve been working through for quite a while now.

What are you selling next

Yet, this simple question brought clarity instantly for me.


I have lots of ideas, plenty of ways to work with me, and many plans I want to implement.


But this one question really got me focused. What do I want to sell next? And then next after that?


It all became crystal clear.


That got me thinking. This might be useful for you too. Tell me:


What are you selling next?


It might be a business offering for your customers, an idea at work you want to sell to your boss, or something else.


What’s the next thing you want to sell?


And in case you are wondering what I am selling next, here it is: Click Here to see it

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When it comes to FEAR, we are ALL the same

By Joanna on May 6, 2015

I’ve just finished a fairly intensive 6 weeks or so of coaching entrepreneurs, executives and ambitious career-focused clients and something has really hit home for me this time around. It’s something I think I have known for quite a long time now, but these last few weeks have really reinforced it.

Want to know what it is?

We all have the same fears. Truly, we do. 

When it comes to our business and career endeavours, we all worry and stress about the EXACT same thing.

My fears, your fears, that mega successful CEO, that super-star entrepreneur… all the same. I hear it repeatedly in sessions after session with clients.

We all have fears in some shape or form around putting ourselves out there, and being seen.

We are afraid of:

– being judged negatively

– failing, and what others will say or think about that

– trying something new, being different, and truly standing out from the crowd

– wondering if we are good enough

– wondering ‘who am I to do this’ when there are so many others already out there doing a great job

– really earning what we are worth

You wouldn’t believe how many times this comes up. But isn’t it reassuring to know that we are all the same? That those people we look up to, respect and admire, probably had or even have some of the same fears we have. The difference? They do something about it.

EFT Fear

How can you work through this?

You can acknowledge it for what it is and keep going.

You can apply some cognitive behavioural techniques to question your fears substance.

You can journal.

You can hire a coach to accelerate your progress and be supported as you move through it.

Or you could try EFT.

I found EFT a few years back and more recently I trained as a certified EFT practitioner. Its a fantastic tool that I use with coaching clients and works wonders with fear. The results are felt almost instantly, and it’s easy and fast to implement.

What is EFT? It’s a method of tapping various accupressure points on the body and repeating statements or affirmations. It’s so easy, and really works.

Want to learn more? Join me on Monday next for a free webinar where I will show you how it works and how you can use to it ease your fears. Click here for more





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When the Spotlight is on you

By Joanna on March 17, 2015

I’ve been doing quite a bit of speaking lately, both on and offline. And one of the biggest issues that comes up in those conversations is FEAR – of being seen and judged.


And I can relate!


Putting yourself out there, trying something new, being different, standing out is hard. You are 100% putting yourself in the spotlight, ready for the naysayers to come and judge.


And, they probably will.


Don't let fear stop you

But so will the fans.

The ones who appreciate your difference.

The ones know how hard it is to stand out and take chances.

The ones you can help.

The ones who will benefit from your ideas.

The ones who appreciate your value.

The ones who want more.


Building a career or a business means taking chances. It means standing out and being different from time to time.


Don’t let fear stop you.


After all, what is fear? False Evidence Appearing Real.


So, stop judging yourself.

Stop chasing others approval.

And, get yourself a mastermind group to be part of – a team of like-minded, supportive folk, who will be your cheerleader as you experiment, build and climb on your career path.

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Why do you do it?

By Joanna on March 10, 2015

My journey to becoming an entrepreneur has been a long one. I started out in 2009 having completed my coaching training. But in truth, I never really committed to it until 2012 when I left my job. And it hasn’t been an easy choice for me. There was a lot to figure out. There still is! But there is a reason why I do it.

Why do you do it?

Why do you do it?


I do it for love.


I LOVE what I do. Helping others with their businesses and careers and seeing the go from stuck to success is truly marvelous.


I LOVE my partner. I packed in the high paying career for love, to move to Japan with him. And my business evolved from that choice. It grew from a pastime to a full-time endeavour.


I LOVE my son. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Fact. And, having the flexibility to work around him, and us, is the ultimate ‘why’ I do it.


I asked a few of my other entrepreneur buddies why they do what they do. Here are some of the responses:


– not wanting to be dependent on one income for the family, and feeling unsafe

– because you’re passionate about helping people, and you love watching the results unfold

– being role models for your children

– being able to work on your own terms, having time freedom, and the ability to work in your PJ’s if you fancy it

– wanting to do something new and totally outside of your comfort zone

– feeling the drive to help future generations excel

– not having to spend long days commuting to work and missing out on time with your children

– to keep you sane

– feeling compelled to share your gift

– because you completely love it!



Whether you are an entrepreneur or employed, consider your career. Why do you do what you do? What’s your motivation?


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Success Sessions: Coffee with Chichi E Eruchalu

By Joanna on March 5, 2015

Ooops! We missed a month – totally due to the business of February, what with house moving, a VIP 1st birthday and visits from family. But we are back, and this month is an excellent read from the very talented Chichi Eruchalu, Online Stategist and Business Mentor. 

Hi Chichi! Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

Hi my name is Chichi Eruchalu and I am an Online Business Strategist and Mentor over at Kanso Creative.


I help female entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their businesses or if you already have a business and are looking for more visibility and growth. I work 1:1 with you to boost your brand using your website, SEO, email marketing and social media.


What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to be able to build a business around things that I am passionate about. I love to teach and I love to help people. I also quite a techy person who has the ability to take complex concepts and make them really simple.

My background in web design and business management has really helped me in this space. In addition I have two young children and I wanted to build something that will eventually allow me to be at home with them full time.

Chichi Profile

How would you describe your journey and how has having your own business changed things for you?

Running a business is really empowering but also really scary. You are putting yourself out there on a daily basis, taking risks and just going for it. My business journey has been one of self-discovery right down from what I offer to who I am as a person. But I am very grateful for it.


What has been your biggest success so far?

I will always say launching my first online program – Creative Web School. Blood, sweat and tears – it was hard work but I am honoured to have had over 50 women go through the course to learn how to create their own websites.


Would you share with us the biggest lesson you learned?

Know who you want to serve, identify their biggest problem and offer the solution. For such a long time I thought I could be all things to all people…WRONG! Just because I could do something, doesn’t mean I should do it. When I first started I was a VA offering graphic design services amongst other things to anyone who wanted it. This soon evolved into web design which I then niched into because this was the need I wanted to fulfil and enjoyed.


Now I am moving away from actually doing the web design to more of teaching and website coaching. So showing YOU what you need to do to have an awesome website and online presence.


What keeps you motivated and engaged with your business?

My community and clients. I love reaching out and supporting them and hearing their feedback on things that I am doing in the business. I also love learning, so whilst I try not to buy a multitude of courses (my coach would have a fit!), I do like to stay on top of topics relevant to my niche and keep ‘sharpening the saw’.


What one piece of advice would you give other small business owners and start-ups?

Stay in your lane. It is so easy when you are starting out to be comparing yourself to others out there. But hey, you don’t know their back story. Plus they may be many months, even years ahead of you. Focus on who you are and what you are called to do. In addition, in business and in life, just be yourself. Like attracts like, so if you are afraid that people won’t like the real you, they are not your ideal clients.

Also get yourself a support network. The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one especially when your friends and family may not really ‘get it’. I have an amazing support network through my mastermind and other women who are walking the same path.


What’s next for you and your business?

Well I have just finished running my new course SEO GO PRO  with a great group of ladies. Demystifying what is SEO and how you can use it help your business grow massively online.

This course alongside Creative Web School  are being released again late spring on an evergreen basis.


I will also continue to offer lots of free training through my blog and webinars, so hop over to my website to stay connected.

Chichi Eruchalu is an Online Strategist and Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs who are looking to launch themselves online a big way. If your brand or business is lacking visibility or oomph, she gives you the tools and guidance to show up online. She is also the creator of Creative Web School and SEO GO PRO

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