I’ve been doing quite a bit of speaking lately, both on and offline. And one of the biggest issues that comes up in those conversations is FEAR – of being seen and judged.


And I can relate!


Putting yourself out there, trying something new, being different, standing out is hard. You are 100% putting yourself in the spotlight, ready for the naysayers to come and judge.


And, they probably will.


But so will the fans.

The ones who appreciate your difference.

The ones know how hard it is to stand out and take chances.

The ones you can help.

The ones who will benefit from your ideas.

The ones who appreciate your value.

The ones who want more.


Building a career or a business means taking chances. It means standing out and being different from time to time.


Don’t let fear stop you.


After all, what is fear? False Evidence Appearing Real.


So, stop judging yourself.

Stop chasing others approval.

And, get yourself a mastermind group to be part of – a team of like-minded, supportive folk, who will be your cheerleader as you experiment, build and climb on your career path.

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