My coach asked me this question recently. And it shocked me how powerful it was.


In coaching, there are powerful questions. They’re the type of questions that bring clarity to a situation or incite creativity. They’re the questions that bring about Eureka moments and inspire action.


How funny that this simple question did just that for me!


I’ll be honest here, sales is not my forte. I am a great coach, a great planner, organizer and action taker. I can motivate others to action – including sales. But for me, it’s a block I’ve been working through for quite a while now.

Yet, this simple question brought clarity instantly for me.


I have lots of ideas, plenty of ways to work with me, and many plans I want to implement.


But this one question really got me focused. What do I want to sell next? And then next after that?


It all became crystal clear.


That got me thinking. This might be useful for you too. Tell me:


What are you selling next?


It might be a business offering for your customers, an idea at work you want to sell to your boss, or something else.


What’s the next thing you want to sell?


And in case you are wondering what I am selling next, here it is: Click Here to see it

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