This is one of my favourite concepts in coaching theory, and probably the one I use most frequently myself.

And it’s super simple.

Take a few moments and consider the question: what does my ideal day look like?

Put in as much detail as you can. Picture it in all its colourful glory. Where do you wake up? Who (if anyone!) do you spend your time with? Where do you go? What do you do? How do you feel? What kind of house are you in? What kind of car do you drive? Where and what do you eat?

Sometimes it helps to write it all down and let the perfect day flow onto the page.

Now you know what it looks like, it’s so much easier to get busy creating it!

A great partner tool for this exercise is a cool little visualisation technique a fellow coach taught me during our training together 5 years ago. It’s short and sweet, and super effective.

Take 5 minutes every morning, just after you wake, and before you get up, and visualise that perfect day. Experience it in your mind, and allow yourself to feel the feelings that are part of that perfect day.

Then stop! Leave it at that. Get up and start your day  😀


Your turn. Try it out. Share your perfect day in the comments below, and experiment with the 5 minute visualisation tool

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