This month Victoria Prozan shares her secrets to success with us. 


Hello Victoria!. Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

My business is helping you make your brand experience amazing from beginning to end. And you are the key to that fantastic-ness. When you own that power, you are on your way.

I specifically work with entrepreneurs to help craft a brand message (names, tag lines, any kind of branded language) that lights you AND your customer up.

I also help design amazing customer experiences. Your marketing plan will not ensure great word-of-mouth, but an excellent experience within your brand, that will get them talkin’!

If you are not on fire about your business, no one else will be either.


What inspired you to start your business, Victoria?

I’m a third generation entrepreneur so it was just a matter of time. This is my second business, with my first business being a tough journey that did not go the route I expected. But as anyone who has had a spectacular failure will tell you, it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Failure no longer scares me. If you aren’t willing to fail, you can’t be creative or innovative, which is what business is all about.


How would you describe your journey and how has having your own business changed things for you?

Having a job felt like wearing cement shoes through life. The experiences I had in the employment world didn’t make the best use of my skills, insights or talents. I eventually got frustrated enough to get off my butt and begin offering the best of what I have, on my own terms.


What has been your biggest success so far?

Business-wise :: My offering The Superluxe Naming Experience.

When I launched it, as my very first service, I hoped to get 10 clients before I moved on to my next offering/learning experience. A year and a half later, I’ve Superluxed with over 175 entrepreneurs one-on-one.

It helped establish my brand as one of quality, reliability and creativity. And out of that, I have learned a bazillion business lessons!

Personal growth-wise :: Allowing my true voice out to play. I moved through life terrified to speak up. In a paralyzing, neurotic way. Slowly, by nudging my volume button up and up, I’ve learned I can speak up without my world collapsing.

I still have a long way to go, but every day I get a little bit more courageous. And the sweetness of that sensation keeps me going.


Would you share with us the biggest lesson you learned?

Going back to my last business and its failure.

I was trying to build a business from a place of ego. I designed and created housewares and I thought my success would follow external validation. Once someone “out there” determined I was great, THEN I could speak up and go bigger.

I had it all backwards!

The sustaining force in my current business is being of service — to both my own work and to yours. Because *that* is what will have the greatest impact on the world.

Every interaction, every client, every conversation is an opportunity for us to join forces and conjure beauty. If I don’t show up fully in the world, how can I help you? I can’t.

We are in this together. And that is a big business turn-on to me!


What keeps you motivated and engaged with your business?

Experimenting and exploring.

Play is just as important to growth as learning. When I find my wheels spinning and the frustration mounting, then it’s time to put everything down and step away for a glance from afar.

Making new business friends.

I love a good Skype date with a biz lady. It recharges and grounds me. As online entrepreneurs, we are in the midst of a historical movement, but it can be hard to see — until you try to talk to someone who is not familiar with our corner of the internet.

Reach out when you need support, don’t go it alone!

What one piece of advice would you give other small business owners and start-ups?

Two things.

1. Focus on one offering. I see a lot of entrepreneurs coming up with 2, 3 or more offering as they launch a brand new business. Not only will that be confusing to those trying to learn about your brand, it will scatter your energy and not allow you the opportunity to nurture and grow one solid offering.

Let your brand and reputation gain some traction first, then up your offerings.

2. Unless you have an established following, focus on one-on-one services. Group coaching or membership sites are great when you’ve have a nice following and a solid brand, until then, focus on one person at a time.

Slow and steady wins the race!


What’s next for you and your business?

Expanding the philosophy and techniques I use in the Superluxe Naming Experience to other areas of business.

My newest product that will help you amp up the confidence in your creative voice and bring that out through your brand.

Creative Ambrosia is a year of curated media and access to the processes I’ve used to build my own brand.  There is way too much “sameness” out there and I’m on a mission to help you turn up the volume on YOU.

Success is not about magic bullets or formulas — or we’d all be rich. It’s about getting curious about what your personal recipe for success is, and not stopping until you discover it.

Creative Ambrosia supports you in that fun. Join us!


Victoria Prozan is a Business Storyteller and the creator of the Superluxe Naming Experience. Her mission is to turn up the volume of YOU in your business. If your brand doesn’t turn you on, it won’t turn on anyone else either. It’s time to let loose and express yourself!




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