I’m delighted to introduce Kylie Patchett, Holistic Health, Business and Mindset Coach as part of the Success Sessions series.


Hi Kylie! Tell us about you and your business.

Howdy hoo!  I am Kylie Patchett.  My main passions in life are living light of heart, loving my family Shane, Abby and Clio and co-creating the most Delicious Life I can dream of in real time.

The Tall Poppy Project is my holistic health, business and mindset coaching practice.  My main area of genius are helping high performers break through the mental BS that holds them back and by doing so, enables them to get what they really want out of their lives, health and business.   I also deeply love to create and share inspiring content with all women – I believe if we all deliver our gifts to the world we are all benefitted.


What inspired you to start your business?

I gave birth to the Tall Poppy Project after realising that my former life as an overweight, depressed, almost divorced Medical Manager sucked and watching my Dad die in 2011 having never experienced living for the light hearted joy of it.  I gave myself permission to redesign my life and part of that was combining my almost 20 years in medical science, with my deep love for and study of Oriental and Alternative Health Philosophy (body, mind, soul: the whole kit and caboodle) and topping it off with intensive life-transforming mindset coaching tools to birth a business that is helping to change the world.  One chick at a time.


How would you describe your journey and how has having your own business changed things for you?

My journey has been similar to most – first year in business I tried everything and hardly anything worked.  The second year in business I got savvy, I got my own success team, I focused ONLY on what I wanted to create instead of looking at everyone else’s offerings and realised the most important fundamental for business is to be 1000% you.

Having my own business has given me the independence, ability to travel and money I have always craved – perhaps even more than that it has allowed me to step fully into my personal power as a woman in the world.


What has been your biggest success so far?

My biggest success by far is seeing my business go form $12000 revenue in my first year of business to $12000 average monthly revenue in my second year.  It has been a significant amount of work but it has been made so much easier by being at peace with knowing that when I am absolutely myself, I am a magnet to the clients, joint venture partners and referrers who are exactly the right match for me and what I am passionate about!


Would you share with us the biggest lesson you learned?

For me, I used to make goals that felt absolutely unachievable – this was way back in the days when I did not understand that no matter how much I tried if my unconscious mind was screaming “RUBBISH you so can not do that – you are not good/rich/famous/smart enough to do that” nothing was going to work.  When I finally began to study, speak and coach around mindset, that’s when the pieces started really falling into place.  Now I know that if my business does not look or feel how I desire somewhere I am blocking myself from the natural state of flow and abundance that is our birthright.

On top of that I also now understand that all my previous failed businesses (including an MLM, a franchise and a two startups) failed because deep down I did not think I could do it and they were so not aligned to what I was passionate about (a girl can only get so excited about fish bait, right?).  That has been the most freeing realisation for me.


What keeps you motivated and engaged with your business?

Clients experiencing breakthroughs, little comments on my facebook feed saying “what you said so resonated with me, it was like you climbed into my head”, emails from people who have read my book.

It gives me enormous pleasure to finally understand that I have taken this entire journey in my own life for a purpose, through being a carer, being stuck in a corporate cubicle, through failed businesses and waking up fat and depressed – that entire journey equips me with the empathy, knowledge and awareness to help inspire another gorgeous gal that she can turn a crappy past into a delicious future.

When I am on stage, or writing a blog, or holding space for someone in a coaching session I KNOW without a doubt that this is what I am meant to do in the world.  It feels like my soul is wagging it’s tail.


What one piece of advice would you give other small business owners and start-ups?

Focus on how you want his business to feel and use that as a filter for all decisions moment to moment.

Is this your life legacy?  Or is it something sensible you are dong to pay the bills?  Get real with yourself – starting and maintaining and growing a business takes time and effort and consistency – if you are not doing something you are really passionate about, you are starting behind the eight ball!

Get a success team – and particularly one that can help you sort out any tangles in your mindset that might have you getting in your own way.

Be unashamedly, authentically, vulnerably YOU – all the time.  Don’t try and copy someone else’s way of doing things, or their website or their sales page.  Be YOU.   Ignore this at your peril – pretend to be someone else and you will end up with clients you don’t want to work with and a business that feels like hard work.  Bleuk!


What’s next for you and your business?

Well, first of all laying down the foundations for a focused and leveraged second year of growth in 2014 in the next 6 weeks including creating and shooting two new online programs.  Then taking the 6 week Australian summer break off to go camping and swimming with my little ladies and lovely man.

In the New Year: Launching a new body love and self-compassion program called Love Me Light on Valentine’s Day 2014, running a new intake for my Holistic Health program Destination Delicious in April 2014.  And working with 10 Holistic Health + Mindset VIP clients over 2014  to drastically improve their health, happiness and life fulfillment in a one year one on one program.


Kylie Patchett is a Holistic Health, Business + Mindset Coach, inspirational author and speaker,  and founder of The Tall Poppy Project who escaped her corporate cubicle in medical forensic science to live and retrain as an integrated health and human behaviour specialist in New York City. For more information on her programs visit www.kyliepatchett.com

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