Hi Anastasia! Thanks for joining us on the Success Sessions Series. 

Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

I live in Calgary, Canada and I’m a mom to a sweet 2 year old boy who loves to eat and share food with others. I’ve always love food and dreamed of being a pastry chef until learned about nutrition and became a fitness nut.


I’m a Holistic Nutritionist that helps moms get healthy meals on the table without spending all day in the kitchen. We are all busy but we need nutritious food to fuel ourselves and our families. I believe that healthy moms create health families.


I offer on-line nutrition programs that teach moms about delicious nutrient dense food and how to get organized in the kitchen. Feeding a family doesn’t need to be overwhelming.


What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always been interested in the link between food and health. I also discovered that I enjoy working independently and felt very stifled working for an organization. I just knew that in order to have the freedom to create on my own time schedule that I had to start my own business. I was tired of being frustrated and held back due to corporate structures and procedures.


How would you describe your journey and how has having your own business changed things for you?

I became more serious about being an entrepreneur after I had my son. I knew that I wanted to spend lots of time with but that I also needed to fill my desire to be creative and contribute financially to my family. I discovered quickly that I wasn’t cut out to be a full-time SAHM. Having my own business has allowed me to have a flexible schedule so I can still take of my son and really enjoy him when he is little. Health and relationships are my top priorities and my current lifestyle allows me to keep them front and centre.


What has been your biggest success so far?

I’ve been able to create on-line group programs that allow me to reach so many more moms. I used to only work one-on-one and in person with clients so I was always driving around and feeling drained.


Would you share with us the biggest lesson you learned?

You really need to value your time and be smart about the services you offer and the rates you charge. It’s great to be passionate about what you are doing but are you profitable? You are going to make lots of sacrifices as an entrepreneur so you need to make sure they are worth it and align with your values.


What keeps you motivated and engaged with your business?

Investing in business coaching and joining mastermind groups has made all the difference for me. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I always feel renewed and excited after brainstorming and discussing business strategies with like minded individuals. I also think of my son and how I want him to see me loving what I do being successful. I want to be the healthiest role-model possible.


What one piece of advice would you give other small business owners and start-ups?

Business growth is often slower than you expect. You need to be patient and keep an eye on the big picture. Oh, ask for help. Trying to do it all yourself will really slow down your business growth. You need to always be investing in yourself and your business.


What’s next for you and your business?

I’m working on a new program that will complement the 21 Day Real Food Reset program that I offer currently. I’m still in the brain storming stage but lately I’ve been super passionate about the power of meal planning to relieve stress for moms. I’ve created a system for my family and I’m thinking about how I can create a program out of it.


Anastasia Hendryanto is a Holistic Nutritionist at A Healthy Journey who believes in eating real food and keeping things simple. She helps health conscious moms feed their families healthy food without getting overwhelmed in the kitchen through on-line group programs. When she is not experimenting in her kitchen or blogging you will find her at CrossFit or being active outside with her family. www.ahealthyjourney.ca