There’s no doubt that life gets busy. The daily comings and goings of business, family and friends can get noisy and busy. Life, family, people have a habit of distracting your from your focus. Making sure you stay focussed on your path despite that is a trick that’s sometimes difficult to master. That’s where mindset comes in. The key is to stay focussed and on target with your vision for yourself, and making sure your mindset is supporting you.


Here are my three top tips for maintaining a healthy mindset with your personal priorities in mind despite the daily grind around you:


1. Write your goals/intentions down. The very act of writing them out makes them more real. When they reside only in your head, they are more subject to influence by doubt, external opinions and old sabotaging beliefs that often rear their heads. When they are written down, they are concrete and stable, and ready for you to check in on them whenever you need to. A few ideas on how to do this are:

  • write them on a small notecard and keep them in your wallet/purse, so that you see them every time you open it
  • write them on cards and place them beside your bed for review every morning and night
  • make them your screensaver or background wallpaper on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone (or all of the above!)
  • set a reminder on your phone to pop up at a specified time of day
  • record yourself saying them aloud and play it them in the background as you work



2. Make time for YOU. This one’s a tricky one for most. This is about making sure you schedule time in your day every day that’s just for  you. Time for refuelling your tank. Think of it this way: to keep your car in good running order you clean it regularly, you fill the tank with fuel, you take it for regular servicing etc. People are the same. We need to time to recharge the batteries, to top up our fuel tanks and to keep ourselves in good working order. After all, you cannot give what you don’t have! So make sure you fill up your tank regularly by putting some ‘me’ time into the diary.


3. Vision board it. Get creative! Either do it the old style arts and craftsy way with a bunch of magazines, sticky tape and a poster or do it the digital way by coping and pasting pictures and photos into a document. Then print it off and place it in a place your’ll see it regularly. Some favourites I love are:

  • over the desk in your office
  • in the front of your journal
  • in a frame on your bedside table
  • on/beside the mirror in the bathroom


I’d love to know what you do to maintaing a healthy, supportive mindset despite the influence of the external world around you?