Actually, let me rephrase that. We are often uncomfortable speaking in a positive light about money.

For example, if you earn a good salary/income, it’s almost as if you’re not supposed to tell that to others for fear of being seen as bragging.

Or if someone compliments you on your outfit, our first instinct is always to downplay it and say something like ‘This old thing? Primark’s(or insert your local budget cloth

Money, money, money
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ing company) best!’

Or maybe you have a fear about money; about never having enough of it; or perhaps if you do have it that you will lose it all again.

It’s incredible how easily our money beliefs embed themselves and become almost unconscious. They become our money story, without us fully realizing it. Often it stems from an experience or comment earlier in life that had an emotional impact. It creates a belief about money and how we should ‘be’ with it.

The question now is,

“Is that old belief about money serving you?”

It may have had a purpose, until now, but you’re ready for a next level story.

Perhaps it’s time to write a new money story. Maybe it’s time to find a different way of speaking about money. How would it feel to be more comfortable with the concept of ‘money’, however much of it you have?

This is something that I have been pondering recently. My old money story reared its head again, and it made me revisit what’s going on here, and what I can do to change it.

The first thing you can do is rewrite your story. Literally, rewrite it. Acknowledge that the old story served a purpose and then release it.  Take a pen and paper and write down how you want to feel about money, how it shows up in your world, your relationship with it, and how good it feels.

Try some affirmations too. Pick one or two statements about money. For example:

  •      I have more than enough money
  •      Money comes easily and effortless to me
  •      I happily create wealth, health and joy in my life

Breathe deeply as you say them to yourself, and allow them to restore calm and positivity to your mindset.

My last tip, is to try using some EFT. Use your old money story, your new money story and some of your affirmations as you tap and breathe through each of the pressure points.

These are three of my favourite tools, but there are lots out there. Find what works for you. Remember though, you will encounter hurdles. Not everyone will have the same beliefs about money as you. Perhaps your partner, parents or friends share different stories about money, and might not be fully understanding of your beliefs. The challenge is to release their beliefs and fears as theirs and not yours, and not let them alter your mindset. The tools above help us refocus on our own personal story about money, and restore a positive mindset.

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