Is there something in the air at the moment? More than a couple of friends, clients or colleagues have told me they are feeling a ‘funk’. And you know what? So am I! I feel a touch of overwhelm too over the last week or so. Our move was a biggie, and all the red tape and set up bits ‘n’ bobs are pretty darn overwhelming. More than that, they take time, and are more or less based on other people’s schedules and systems.  So what does a girl (or guy) do when overwhelm turns into a ‘funk’?



It’s time for mucho self-care. Yes, when the funk hits, its time to listen to your body and allow yourself to refill your cup. You can’t give what you don’t have, now can you? For me, it’s spending some time reading a book, taking a walk in the countryside, and getting some exercise. And it’s working! That ‘funk’ is totally lifting.


Sometimes, you just have to listen to your body. Rest up. Get to bed early. Get up early. Take a power nap.


And remember to breathe.


We have to embrace the moment, and embrace ‘what is’ now. Do what you can now, and schedule a time to do the rest later.


And remember to breathe.


Everything passes. Everything. Including the ‘funk’. I’m sharing one of my favorite musical reminders of this below, to remind you too, to “Let it go, this too shall pass’


Tell me, in the comments below, what you do to lift the ‘funk’?



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