The holidays are coming and things may just get a little crazy. Its the time of year for parties and celebrations, for family and friends, and for tensions and tempers too.

I could give you a list of, I dunno, say 10 Holiday Hacks to get you through the madness. But really, will you remember any of them? Will it make a blind bit of difference when things start to amp up?

So instead I am going to give you 2.

Yes, just 2.

And guess what! You don’t even have to implement both. Just do one if you want.

Here goes:Reflect and celebrate

1. Reflect & Celebrate

Take the time over the holidays to reflect on your year. How far have you come? What has changed this year? What are you proud of from 2014? Make a list, write it down, feel the good feelings again. Celebrate them and you for all that has been this year.

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2. Take time out and breathe

Make sure you make time to kick back and relax. You may have to make a conscious effort to do this, and perhaps even turn down an event or two. Even stealing 5 minutes away from family, kids, friends and whoever else is about will serve you well. Do something just for you, your holiday gift to yourself, if you will.

And breathe. In and out. Slow and smooth. Filling your lungs will cool, crisp, fresh air… and expelling all the mayhem in a long, deep out-breath.

I feel better already!


Are you looking back on 2014 and thinking of all the ‘should have/could have beens’?

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