I’ve just finished a fairly intensive 6 weeks or so of coaching entrepreneurs, executives and ambitious career-focused clients and something has really hit home for me this time around. It’s something I think I have known for quite a long time now, but these last few weeks have really reinforced it.

Want to know what it is?

We all have the same fears. Truly, we do. 

When it comes to our business and career endeavours, we all worry and stress about the EXACT same thing.

My fears, your fears, that mega successful CEO, that super-star entrepreneur… all the same. I hear it repeatedly in sessions after session with clients.

We all have fears in some shape or form around putting ourselves out there, and being seen.

We are afraid of:

– being judged negatively

– failing, and what others will say or think about that

– trying something new, being different, and truly standing out from the crowd

– wondering if we are good enough

– wondering ‘who am I to do this’ when there are so many others already out there doing a great job

– really earning what we are worth

You wouldn’t believe how many times this comes up. But isn’t it reassuring to know that we are all the same? That those people we look up to, respect and admire, probably had or even have some of the same fears we have. The difference? They do something about it.

EFT Fear

How can you work through this?

You can acknowledge it for what it is and keep going.

You can apply some cognitive behavioural techniques to question your fears substance.

You can journal.

You can hire a coach to accelerate your progress and be supported as you move through it.

Or you could try EFT.

I found EFT a few years back and more recently I trained as a certified EFT practitioner. Its a fantastic tool that I use with coaching clients and works wonders with fear. The results are felt almost instantly, and it’s easy and fast to implement.

What is EFT? It’s a method of tapping various accupressure points on the body and repeating statements or affirmations. It’s so easy, and really works.

Want to learn more? Join me on Monday next for a free webinar where I will show you how it works and how you can use to it ease your fears. Click here for more