Ooops! We missed a month – totally due to the business of February, what with house moving, a VIP 1st birthday and visits from family. But we are back, and this month is an excellent read from the very talented Chichi Eruchalu, Online Stategist and Business Mentor. 

Hi Chichi! Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

Hi my name is Chichi Eruchalu and I am an Online Business Strategist and Mentor over at Kanso Creative.


I help female entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their businesses or if you already have a business and are looking for more visibility and growth. I work 1:1 with you to boost your brand using your website, SEO, email marketing and social media.


What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to be able to build a business around things that I am passionate about. I love to teach and I love to help people. I also quite a techy person who has the ability to take complex concepts and make them really simple.

My background in web design and business management has really helped me in this space. In addition I have two young children and I wanted to build something that will eventually allow me to be at home with them full time.

How would you describe your journey and how has having your own business changed things for you?

Running a business is really empowering but also really scary. You are putting yourself out there on a daily basis, taking risks and just going for it. My business journey has been one of self-discovery right down from what I offer to who I am as a person. But I am very grateful for it.


What has been your biggest success so far?

I will always say launching my first online program – Creative Web School. Blood, sweat and tears – it was hard work but I am honoured to have had over 50 women go through the course to learn how to create their own websites.


Would you share with us the biggest lesson you learned?

Know who you want to serve, identify their biggest problem and offer the solution. For such a long time I thought I could be all things to all people…WRONG! Just because I could do something, doesn’t mean I should do it. When I first started I was a VA offering graphic design services amongst other things to anyone who wanted it. This soon evolved into web design which I then niched into because this was the need I wanted to fulfil and enjoyed.


Now I am moving away from actually doing the web design to more of teaching and website coaching. So showing YOU what you need to do to have an awesome website and online presence.


What keeps you motivated and engaged with your business?

My community and clients. I love reaching out and supporting them and hearing their feedback on things that I am doing in the business. I also love learning, so whilst I try not to buy a multitude of courses (my coach would have a fit!), I do like to stay on top of topics relevant to my niche and keep ‘sharpening the saw’.


What one piece of advice would you give other small business owners and start-ups?

Stay in your lane. It is so easy when you are starting out to be comparing yourself to others out there. But hey, you don’t know their back story. Plus they may be many months, even years ahead of you. Focus on who you are and what you are called to do. In addition, in business and in life, just be yourself. Like attracts like, so if you are afraid that people won’t like the real you, they are not your ideal clients.

Also get yourself a support network. The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one especially when your friends and family may not really ‘get it’. I have an amazing support network through my mastermind and other women who are walking the same path.


What’s next for you and your business?

Well I have just finished running my new course SEO GO PRO  with a great group of ladies. Demystifying what is SEO and how you can use it help your business grow massively online.

This course alongside Creative Web School  are being released again late spring on an evergreen basis.


I will also continue to offer lots of free training through my blog and webinars, so hop over to my website to stay connected.

Chichi Eruchalu is an Online Strategist and Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs who are looking to launch themselves online a big way. If your brand or business is lacking visibility or oomph, she gives you the tools and guidance to show up online. She is also the creator of Creative Web School and SEO GO PRO

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