• It keeps things interesting, varied, and even exciting. Anything we do all day every day can get a little dull after a while, but incorporating a bit of fun into it pumps some excitement into it and keeps us motivated and engaged.


  • You spend half your life at work, so you want to enjoy it. Not everyone loves their job, and even those that do still go through periods where it’s duller or less stimulating than usual. Injecting some fun into it lessens that immensely. 


  • Having a bit of fun at work actually enhances communication. Work can be very formal, and we only get to know that formal, serious side of some people. Bringing a bit of fun to work allows people to open up to each other on different levels, and develops relationships, thereby improving communication


  • Fun re-energizes and revitalizes you. A little injection of fun into your day can really lift your energy levels, and increase your focus on the work at hand.


  • Generating a bit of fun opens up your creative channels, and that is win-win for you and your organizations.  Creative thinking is essential for problem solving, new product development and good customer service to name just a few.


  • Fun creates a positive work environment and atmosphere. There is no question, that morale increases in a positive work environment and there is potential for greater productivity, less employee dissatisfaction and less conflict. Even the best of us will get on each others nerves from time to time at work, but fun can reduce than tension


  • A little bit of fun keeps the stress levels down. There are many, ways to reduce stress, but the easiest ones are the fun ones. Just by taking a mental vacation for a few moments and having some fun, the stress levels can be reduced.  You know what they say, “laughter is the best medicine”.

Do you incorporate FUN into your work life? What do you do?