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10 Things you can do to Feel More Confident Right Now

By Joanna on June 16, 2016

Everyone feels a lull in confidence every now and then. Sometimes, more often than that. Here’s a list of some of my favourite, super-quick ways to give yourself an immediate confidence boost, and get your day back on track.

  1.  Stand tall
  2. BLog_News_1_617 Take 3 deep breaths, concentrating only on the breath
  3.  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself
  4.  Give yourself a compliment – and then say “thank you”
  5.  STOP complaining
  6.  Allow yourself to just BE you.
  7.  Don’t take anything personally – really.
  8.  Offer someone a compliment
  9.  List 5 things your are thankful for right now
  10. Turn on a good tune, and jump around wildly

Try one NOW.

How do you feel?

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