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By Joanna on May 19, 2016

It’s funny how easy, and often, overwhelm sneaks up on us! Be honest now, I know you’ve been there, perhaps a few more times than you’d like to say.

Well, I certainly have. And I have a few trusted methods that I use frequently: making a list, doing a brain dump, prioritizing, chunking it down etc…

I’ve blogged about these before, so you know the story.

Recently, I’ve had a new realization. And it’s become a big part of how I deal with overwhelm. And it’s simple. In as much as you need to make a ‘To Do List’, you also need to…Wont_get_done

Decide what it is you’re not going to do today.

Because that list, while reassuring, clarifying and grounding, also serves as a reminder of what you didn’t do. What’s not done. What’s STILL on the list.

And that can lead to guilty feelings, or feeling like you haven’t done enough, or aren’t good enough etc, etc…

So today, I challenge you to look at your To Do List, and decide what it is you are not going to do today. Give yourself permission. And be OK with that.

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